1 January 2017 and ending 30 September 2017
(The Company has adjusted its accounting cycle
in 2017), the total revenue of the Company stood
at 13,741.3 million baht.
To the Shareholders of Univentures Public Company Limited,
Regarding the operating results of Univentures Public Company Limited and its subsidiaries (the “Company”) during the accounting period starting 1 January 2017 and ending 30 September 2017 (The Company has adjusted its accounting cycle in 2017), the total revenue of the Company stood at 13,741.3 million baht. This marks an increase of 1,122.0 million baht or an increase of nine percent from the same period a year earlier. The revenue came mainly from real-estate-for-sale business group, which generated 11,026.8 million baht. The amount accounted for 80 percent of the Company’s total revenue. About eight percent others or 1,161.3 million baht came from zinc oxide business group. The remaining 12 percent was generated by realestate- for-rent business, hotel business, and other businesses. In all, the Company’s profits totalled 1,472 million baht in the accounting period starting 1 January 2017 and ending 30 September 2017, up by 162.3 million baht or 12 percent from a year earlier. Of 11,026.8 million baht in revenue from the real-estate-for-sale business group, 8,069.8 million baht were from Golden Land Property Development Company Limited’s horizontal-housing projects and 2,957.0 million baht were from Grand Unity Development Company Limited’s (GRAND UNITY) condominium projects. The value of backlog was approximately 4,651.1 million baht. Of the amount, 4,054.3 million baht was from horizontal housing projects while 596.8 million baht came from condominium projects. Revenue recognition from this backlog will start the following year. To date, the Company has already prepared plots of land for new condominium projects too. Under the 2,700-million-baht plan, these plots sit within 300 meters from MRT/BTS stations.
In early 2018, the Company will launch four to five GRAND UNITY projects with the combined value of over 11,000 million baht. At present, the Company has already acquired four land plots for high-rise condominium projects (buildings of more than eight floors) namely the Charan 81 Project, the Sripathum Project, the Chatuchak 2 Project and the Ratchayothin Project. In addition, the Company is in the process of buying a plot of land for its new low-rise condominium project (building of no more than eight floors). In 2018, the Company will also prepare at least 3,000 million baht for the procurement of land plots along MRT/BTS routes in preparations for projects that it will unveil in 2019. As the development of new MRT/BTS routes get clearer directions, exists demand for condominiums. In 2018, the Company will conduct branding activities for GRAND UNITY to highlight its strengths namely great location, outstanding design, and innovations for every detail of life.
The Company has to date accorded significant importance to good corporate governance out of a firm belief that it benefits business operations, adds value, increases returns on investments for shareholders in the long run, and also boost the confidence of shareholders, investors and all stakeholders. Because of the firm commitment to good corporate governance, the Company has received an “excellent” rank or a “five-star honor” in regards to good corporate governance from the Thai Institute of Directors (IOD) for the second year in a row in 2017. On top of this, the Thai Investors Association has given the Company 100 out of the possible 100 points for its “outstanding” quality of general meetings in 2017. The full marks have been granted to the Company every year since 2011 or for seven consecutive years now.
Regarding social responsibility, the Company has paid due attention to every process and as-process that can affect the society, communities or the environment. Grand Unity Development Company Limited has thus prepared ready-made bathrooms at its projects for the goals of reducing the level of noise and dust in neighboring communities, lowering work time, and decreasing the use of supplies. In addition, Thai-Lysaght Company Limited has implemented the CONTINUOUS FURNACE (AUTO PUSHER) project so as to put excess heat from production process to good use. This project has practically lowered the use of natural gas as well as the spread of dust. The Company, moreover, has striven to inculcate social and environmental responsibility among all groups of stakeholders via many activities. For example, the Company has conducted reforestation to make not just staff but also outsiders recognize the importance of the environment and nudge them to join environmental protection. On top of this, the Company has financially supported and dispatched its staff to join various activities of the Foundation for Environmental Education for Sustainable Development Thailand (FEED THAILAND). This foundation has pursued the goal of achieving the balanced co-existence of humans and the nature via holistic environmental education to youth.
The success of the Company during the past year is a result of the perseverance and solid support from its executives, staff, and all groups of stakeholders. I therefore would like to thank you all for the trust and support given. I also hope that the Company will continue to receive such great support in the future so that the Company can move forward to become the leading property investment company that generates reasonable returns and builds sustainable growth for all shareholders and stakeholders
(Mr. Worawat Srisa-an)