UV invests in companies and businesses that have potential
business growth and have the opportunity to receive good returns
on investment in order to balance the capital structure and maintain stable business growth.
Univenture BGP Company Limited (UVBGP)
UVBGP is a joint venture between UV and B.Grimm Company Power Public Company Limited, each of which holds 55.00% and 45.00% respectively, with the objective of operating a business to invest, develop, manage and operate energy projects. On 21 December 2021, UVBGP invested 100.00% in Eastern Cogeneration Company Limited, resulting in UVBGP indirectly holding 100.00% of shares in SSUT Company Limited and 74.50% of shares in PPTC Company Limited, which both companies operate the Cogeneration Power Plants, which are located at Bang Poo Industrial Estate, Samutprakan province with an installed capacity of 240 megawatts and Lad Krabang Industrial Estate, Bangkok, with an installed capacity of 120 megawatts, respectively.
Patana Intercool Co., Ltd. (PIC)
UV invested in PIC which operates the business of manufacturing and distributing commercial refrigerators such as mini-mart refrigerators, stainless steel refrigerators, bakery refrigerators for shops, restaurants, hospitals for use in various industries under the brand “PATANA INTERCOOL”, including providing other related services such as contract manufacturing of freezers under the customer's brand (OEM Service), manufacturing of freezers or kitchen equipment made to order according to the customer's design (Customized Product), consulting and designing stores and kitchen space as needed, etc. Information on PIC's services can be found on the website
Stonehenge Inter Public Company Limited (STI)
UV invested in STI which operates a consulting engineer business to provide advice and manage construction projects both residential real estate projects and commercial real estate projects. STI acts as the representative of the project owner or main contractor in managing and supervising construction projects to achieve the goals in terms of timing, cost and quality. Information about STI's services can be found on the website