The Company aims to grow the business according to the sustainable development guidelines, covering all dimensions both economic, social and environmental under good corporate governance, appropriate risk management on social and environmental responsibility to create value and mutual benefits between the Company and all stakeholders in the business value chain as well as responding to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) of the United Nations.
Sustainability Management Framework
Economic Dimension : Investing for sustainable returns and impacts
Operating the business to grow with stability and sustainability.
Sustainable supply chain management.
Customer centric. Focus on creating products / services to meet customer needs.
To supervise the business according to the principles of good governance and effective risk management.
Social Dimension : Acting as a good corporate citizen
Manage personnel to reach their potential to prepare for business growth.
Take care of staff safety and create a good working environment.
Supervise business operations according to human rights principles.
Conducting business and doing activities to develop and create shared values to the community and society.
Environmental Dimension : Conducting business with consideration of environmental impact
Efficient use of resources and energy.
Reduce the emission of waste and greenhouse gases
Promote idea, technology and innovation to enhance environmental/ energy management efficiency.
Sustainability Report