Whistleblowing Policy and Protective Measures for the Informants/ Complainants 
1. Whistleblowing or Complaints
The Company provides channels for stakeholders to inform clues or complaints in the case of suspension for illegal action or behavior that indicates corruption or action that violates Corporate Governance Policy and Code of Business Ethics of the Company as well as any actions that are suspicious of money laundering and create suspicion related to accounting, finance, internal control, and internal audit, as well as reporting or complaints of rights infringement or able to express opinions, suggestions, and other complaints relating to the Company.
2. Process when Receiving a Clue or Complaint
The Company will collect information, consider and investigate the facts in which the responsible person will follow up the audit results and report to the recipient whistleblowing or complaints, including reporting the results to the President, Chairman of the Executive Committee, the Audit Committee, and the Board of Directors as the case may be.
3. Measures for the Protection of Whistleblowers or Complainants
The Company will not disclose the names, addresses, photos or any other information of the informants or complainants and collaborators in the investigation of facts as well as stipulating the protection measures in the case that they are found to be insecure or may be damaged.
Whistleblowing or Complaints and Measures
to Protect Whistleblowers or Complainants Policy
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