The Company is committed to conducting business with honesty, transparency, fairness, and equitable treatment of stakeholders in accordance with good corporate governance, including the importance of anti-corruption. The Company realizes that corruption is a crime that is both illegal and unethical which affects the country's economic and social growth.
Since 2018, the Company has been committed to being a part of the Thai private sector to drive the country's business to be transparent by establishing the Anti-Corruption Policy as guidelines for business operations and employees' work, expanding the scope of internal audit and risk management as an anti-corruption mechanism. As a result, on 30 June 2020, the Company was certified as a member of the Thai Private Sector Collective Action Against Corruption (CAC) with members from the country's leading business organizations. And on 30 June 2023, the Company has approved the renewal of CAC membership for a period of 3 years until 30 June 2026.
To determine the direction and procedures for anti-corruption in the Company's group in the same direction. The Board of Directors has established the Anti-Corruption Policy which is reviewed every year as a guideline for directors, executives, and employees to strictly adhere to with a sense of honesty in work, without corruption or misuse of benefits, which are important factors that support the business operations of the Company group to grow sustainably and build confidence among all stakeholders.
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